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January 2020

This January has been wetter than I can remember. I tend to judge it by how much mud I walk through when I'm walking my dogs. This year it has been nuts! Not to mention the new lakes that have appeared. This one in the picture is at the back of my house. Taken this Saturday, it was a beautiful cold January morning. It was stunning. Even the mud crisped up making it easier.

In the shop things are busy. I have lots of new projects to work on, some from existing clients which is always lovely, and others are from new clients. Most of my business comes from word of mouth, and I really do appreciate that. Obviously having the shop in Twyford High street has had an impact. It is a lovely working environment, surrounded by things I love, and in a village that I have grown up in. It is still a challenge letting people know I am here. Sharing within another shop creates a hurdle I think sometimes. But also, Twyford has to compete with local market towns too. I am working on a new sign board to stand at the front of the shop, and over the last few months I have increased my social media content which is proving a success. As a small business I take nothing for granted. Creating awareness of myself and my business is continuous as with any company.

At home I have continued my January joy every year making batches of marmalade. I follow a SARAH RAVEN recipe, which I love. Chunky and not too sweet. Our chickens have started laying again. They have the run of the garden over winter, they eat all of the slugs eggs, so we have never had a problem with them, and their poo is fab for the soil. They dig it all in themselves while they search for grubs.

In the veg patch there are still parsnips and carrots, and some beetroot, which is probably a bit woody so may need to be pulled up, but I love the colour at the moment.

The greenhouse is a mess and needs a major clear out of last years tomato pots etc. I plan to do that this coming weekend. I will also order all of my seeds, from SARAH RAVEN of course, I am a huge fan! All the usual tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers for the green house. I tried to grow aubergines last year from small plants that I bought in my local nurseries. They flowered but didn't fruit. Turns out that is due to a lack of pollination as they are mainly wind pollinated. Obviously the greenhouse doesn't allow for this, so I am going to grow them from seed and when its warm enough put them outside of the greenhouse but under our glass veranda. I will keep you posted on my progress.

I also wanted to share with you a little purchase I made. Just before Christmas I started following TRINNY LONDON, her own brand of make up. Well I love it! It comes in little pots that stack together. Her website will choose the correct colours for you depending on hair and skin colour. Mine were spot on when I received them, An eye shadow for the day, one for the evening and a bit of lippy too. I can confidently report a very positive outcome!

All the best for the rest of January, it will be spring very soon! Yay. Best wishes, Penny

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