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February - natures cue to clear out the cobwebs and make a fresh start.

I can't believe that it is nearly March, although I say that with mixed emotions, it's been so wet that the sooner spring arrives the better. I love the fact that I get home from the shop and it is still light, not enough time to get in the garden before it is dark, but it won't be long. I started sowing some vegetable seeds, and they are gradually coming through which is great. I have a new green house and at the moment it has big gaps at the bottom where it had to be raised to make it level, so it's not much warmer in there than outside, but over the next week or so we will put some timber along the bottom, so that will make a difference.

February in the shop has been busy. January was very quiet compared to last year. But I have some lovely new stock in and some new pieces of furniture for sale. Mothers day is around the corner and there are some lovely gifts from coasters with sayings on, to small glass jars, and beautiful cushions. I also started painting lamp bases which I have really enjoyed and they have been popular. I couldn't find a supplier of bases that I liked without the shades, as I make those too, so making my own seemed the right idea. My customers obviously think so too as they have been really popular. The soft furnishings side of my business has been busier than ever, so I look forward to what 2020 has in store, the projects and the new clients that I will meet. There are some lovely fabric for this year, colours and textures that work with all of the seasons, and go with grey, which seems to be on everyone's walls, so there is no excuse to be a little adventurous.

March 1st- 8th March is Dementia week. On Friday 6th March I am hosting an all day tea party in my shop to raise money for dementia specialist admiral nurses who give life changing support to families facing dementia. My Father was diagnosed with dementia four years ago, for the last two and a half years he has been in a care home in Wokingham, and is very well looked after. He doesn't really recognise us anymore but he quality of life is ok still. He loves listening to music, he was a great pianist and until about two years ago he would still sit at the piano and play a little. I miss the conversations we used to have, and the fact that he would always know how to deal with any situation as I grew up, he was my tower of strength. So if you are free and have time to call in please do. 9-5pm. There will be hot drinks and cake, and 10% of anything purchased will go towards DementiaUK.

Let's hope that March has some sunshine to lift everyone's spirits and that we stay healthy and look forward to the warmer months ahead.

'while it is February, one can taste the full joys of anticipation. Spring stands at the gate with her finger on the latch' Patience Strong.

Best wishes, Penny. x

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